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  • Durability and resistance: Made with high quality materials, the EDEA Classica is designed to withstand the wear and tear of intense skating and maintain its performance over time. Comfort: Internal padding and ergonomic boot design provide a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience during practice and competition sessions. Custom Fit: The boot molds...

    247,00 €
  • Revolutionary technology: The boot incorporates cutting-edge technology to offer a precise and anatomical fit that adapts perfectly to the shape of the skater's foot. Lightness and flexibility: With its lightweight construction and high-quality materials, the EDEA Fly allows agile and fluid movements on the court, improving the artistic performance of the...

    435,00 €
  • Exceptional comfort: Its anatomical fit provides a feeling of comfort and security while skating. Support and stability: Offers excellent support for precise and controlled movements on the court. Lightness and flexibility: It facilitates agile and fluid movements, allowing a natural artistic expression.

    236,00 €
  • Custom Fit: The boot precisely adapts to the shape of each skater's foot, providing a comfortable, secure fit to enhance performance with every move. Support and stability: Thanks to its solid structure, the EDEA Rondo provides excellent support for the foot, allowing greater stability and control when performing jumps and turns on the ice. Lightness and...

    155,00 €
  • Comfort: The boots are designed with internal padding that provides a comfortable skating experience and prevents chafing and discomfort. Support and stability: Thanks to their high-quality structure and materials, the boots offer a precise fit that provides excellent support for the foot, improving stability and control during movements on the court....

    83,00 €
  • Figure Skating Boot REGINADesigned for rink skatingComfortable fit and custom supportExceptional performance in Rollandroll ArtisticCombine elegance and precision in movements on iceIdeal for passionate skaters looking to excel in their art.

    63,00 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items